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Spacemen Summer Goalie Identification Camp

By Megan Isenbarger, 05/14/24, 12:15PM EDT


The Spacemen Summer Goalie Camp offers a unique opportunity for goalies to improve their skills and experience a junior hockey atmosphere with the Spacemen coaching team. Led by Coach Melnikov, the camp includes 3 x 90 minute on-ice sessions and 2 x 60 minute off-ice sessions for a well-rounded experience. 

On-ice practices will cover a wide range of essential skills including skating, position-ing techniques, concept and habit training, game situation simulations, battle drills, and working through screens.

Off the ice, goalies will engage in mobility and flexibility exercises, hand-eye coordination drills, and performance testing to further enhance their abilities.

Each goalie will receive a personalized evaluation to provide valuable feedback on their progress and areas for improvement at the end of camp.

Camp fees are $400. Space is limited space! Secure your spot by registering early.

Coach Melnikov’s hockey journey began in Gomel, Belarus, where
he played for HC Gomel for 11 years. At 15, he joined the U16
Belarus national team. He later moved to the US, playing for the U16
Cleveland Barons (AAA) and U18 Milwaukee Admirals (AAA), winning the state championship in 2019-20. In his junior career, he played for the Provo Riverblades (USPHL Premier) and Fort Wayne Spacemen (USPHL Premier). He currently serves as head goalie coach for the Fort Wayne Spacemen and is associated with FWAHA.

Contact Coach Mike Melnikov at

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