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Billet Information

Part of our organizations commitment to our players and their parents is to help provide them with a good home. Players come to the Fort Wayne Spacemen from Europe, Canada, and throughout the United States.  They are between the ages of 16 and 21 with the majority between 18 and 19 years old.

For many of our these players, this will be their first time away from home and they will need a stable living environment for their move to Fort Wayne.

Their time with the billet family is a very important time of their lives. They are away from their friends and family, so their billets become their surrogate family. These players come into your lives at an early, impressionable age and leave as young men.

When a family volunteers to house a member of the team, they are expected to treat the players as "one of the family" and not just a "renter". They are required to provide room and board for the player. This includes providing the player with his own room as well as providing nutritious food that is available for the player to prepare himself and/or to be included in family meal time.

Among some of the benefits of becoming a billet:

  • Each billet family is paid a monthly stipend to house a player in their home.
  • Generally, billets, players and the player's family develop very special bonds and remain close long after the player has left the Fort Wayne Spacemen Juniors organization.
  • This is a great opportunity for your family to learn about another state, or even another country.

Players arrive for training camp in mid August and will remain in town until the end of the USPHL hockey season in early March.  Players typically have a 7-10 day break at Christmastime to return home.   

There are team policies that the players must abide by, and we expect our billet families to enforce these team rules.

Billet house rules will need to be communicated to the player when he arrives.

Life was too hectic for us at the beginning of the Spacemen's season to jump into something new with billeting, but after hearing Lance and Caden's stories, we knew they would be a great addition to our home. From the moment they moved in they were respectful and always helpful. Having a travel player of our own, we know that someday this may be a living arrangement for our son as well, so we wanted them to feel at home. They soon started practicing with Nathan's team as well as helping him off the ice, having stick handling contests at home. All in all, billeting was a great experience for our family and we will certainly welcome these players into our home for many seasons to come.
— Chris W.

Billet Application

Please complete the Billet Family Application and return it by email to Matt Platt, the Fort Wayne Spacemen Billet Coordinator.


Billet Inquiries

If you would like more information on becoming a billet family for a Fort Wayne Spacemen player, please contact Matt Platt.


Matt Platt

Matt Platt

Billet Coordinator

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