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Please Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, SportOne Parkview Icehouse has implemented Reopening Protocols. We urge everyone coming to the rink to be aware of the procedures.

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Spacemen Identification Skates

June 20 and 21, 2020

The Spacemen Identification Skates are an opportunity for players who want the junior hockey experience to showcase their skills in front of the Spacemen coaching staff. Players will have the opportunity to compete against professional, college, and junior players. Players registered for the event will also receive a tour of our on and off-ice facilities.

COST: $75
*Players currently signed with the team skate for free

Saturday, June 20th

  • Skills Practice – 1:30 pm
  • Goalie Skills – 3:30 pm
  • Scrimmage – 7:30 pm

Sunday, June 21st

  • Scrimmage – 10:00 am

Spacemen Chowder Cup Registration

Join Us for Pro Skates

Competitive, high paced skates for junior, college, and professional players in the Fort Wayne area looking to stay in shape and on the ice during the off-season. $10.00.

6/16 8:30 pm
6/18 9:00 pm
6/30 8:30 pm
7/2 9:00 pm
7/7 9:10 pm
7/9 9:00 pm
7/14 9:10 pm
7/16 9:00 pm
7/21 8:30 pm
7/23 9:00 pm
7/28 8:30 pm
7/30 9:00 pm
8/4 8:30 pm
8/6 9:00 pm
8/11 8:30 pm
8/13 9:00 pm

Want to Play for Us?

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See for yourself what the players had to say about their Spacemen experience

    FW Komets Hall of Fame Class of 2020: Kaleigh Schrock

    Kaleigh Schrock
    By Longtime Komet Beat-writer and Historian Blake Sebring

    Kaleigh Schrock might be the biggest longshot ever to make the Fort Wayne Komets Hall of Fame. That’s kind of cool because everything he accomplished during his playing career was about overcoming incredible odds.

    [ continued | Fort Wayne Komets ]

    In The NEws

    Sam Sahr
    Justin Sheets
    Cam Perry
    Jack Huffman
    Austin Buck
    Matt Corson
     Tyler Hebert is a Spaceman!
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